Dear Student

Every successful person will tell you that everybody in your life will accept what you have to do to excel. There are many reasons for this, their mindset may not understand your vision, difference in work ethic, or just plain jealousy. Either way, there is often a very lonely road to success

.This post is aimed at teens about leave school. right now it seems that friends, and their opinions are most important. reality is that you wont see many if not all of them in a few years. But you will be left with the consequences of your decisions. I urge you to keep your head down, work hard. put up dream boards, ask many questions, get the best results possible to open as many doors as possible.


Set your sights on the world of possibilities outside of your home, school, neighbourhood. Key areas of focus, aside from studies, are (for example) new forms of music, meeting new people, experiences out of your comfort zone, serving in your community (i.e. charities etc) and facing fears.

Your older self will most certainly thank you for it. Trust me, the people meant to be in your life will stay, but focus on where you need to go and what you need to do.

If any of the above is a foreign concept to you, or it feels like it is out of reach,

please do not hesitate to contact us.


Much Love

The Mpact Team

Mindset Programme



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