Scholars often have one primary goal… Pass Matric. Not even pass it well, just pass. That Senior Certificate, has become a Holy Grail, A Finish, the Summit and Pinnacle of years upon years of routine, classes, home work and exams. 

Then suddenly, on that day when you see your name in the newspaper, or get that SMS, meet all your peers at school, you feel an overwhelming sense of completion. Well Done.

Problem is, very quickly, it dawns on you that have not reached the pinnacle. it was merely a checkpoint, to an even greater and vastly more challenging mission.

The problem is that the above mentioned excerpt is far too familiar for all of us. having to navigate the vicissitudes of our daily life. having to bring home the bacon, raise kids, own property, study further, be debt free and still end up having feelings of purpose and fulfillment. The good news is… is that it is more than possible, to be your best you.

The Work Readiness Programme assists you with planning and navigating your way through the harsh realities that await on the other side of School/University.

Enquire with us HERE on how you can participate in the programme.

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