In light of the service delivery protests taking place in our communities. I guess I’m taking time out to reflect on goings on.  The Communities in the spotlight currently are Eldorado Park and surrounding areas, Freedom Park, Ennerdale Etc.

As a Coloured South African that has grown up in those particular areas, my heart is incredibly heavy. it is every South Africans right to strike and march for what they believe to be a worthy cause. in this case it is service delivery and jobs. However the looting, theft, and setting tyres alight in the street is entirely unacceptable. and in my experience, a lot of people are not will to go an extra mile to make their futures and the futures of their dependents and loved ones any better. The sad truth is, there are a great many people who are lazy and have an extraordinary sense of entitlement. This is not the case for everybody in those communities, however, drive through them on any given day, and countless young adults are sitting on corners, roughly about 30% with visible alcohol in their hands. One has to ask the question, do they deserve those jobs?

While basic services i.e. housing, water, electricity etc. are basic needs, in a community where the need for small enterprises are so drastically apparent, do the majority of the protestors deserve jobs to just be given to them.

Ultimately the issues, and root causes of instances like the one which is currently underway are deeply ingrained and very hard to remove.

We as a people/country/nation need to be more actively involved in the lives of far more people than just our own circle. there are many people who are in need of Mentorship, Counseling, Recovery etc.

I can say as the Founder of the Work Readiness Programme, by Mpact Consulting, that our mission and Mandate is to empower people to deal with societal troubles in a more constructive, and fruitful way.

If you are interested in getting involved, or you have similar sentiments, or just entirely disagree with my personal opinion, feel free to comment. We need more constructive dialogue around such matters.


Much Love


Chris De Braine

Leader and Founder

The Work Readiness Programme

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