I had the privilege of attending the The Power of Engagement talk by none other than Mr Don Van Meer yesterday. The event was brought to us by LeaderImpact, a fantastic global organization, bringing about dynamic change in organizations and communities alike. The event was graced with the presence of many captains and titans of industry from various organizations from across the world. I had met with many delegates, from Kenya to Canada.

At the Zulu Nyala Country Manor

Don who has served as the CEO and President of the Thomson Reuters company Carswell for around nineteen years and had more than a wealth of knowledge to share to diverse group of attendees. He shared fundamentals of Leadership and leading an Organization. Principles that could be extrapolated and transferred to any business, at any almost any phase. The power of effective leadership. The power of effective employees. Change management and implementation. And ultimately making a difference in the world at large.

I had the absolute honour of having some one on one time with Don after the presentation, and it was in short “Life Altering!” The wisdom and humility that flowed from this man was infectious. not because of his charisma, but his absolute passion, empowering people and changing live. I used to opportunity to discuss The Work Readiness Programme with him, and received priceless information and insight into how I can improve and be more effective in what we need to do and accomplish.

Our team, having been enriched by the entire experience, will take what we have learned and go forth and give our knowledge to those who require it to enrich their lives. This is our mandate and our promise to all of our esteemed clients, shareholders and partners.

Watch out for more of Leader Impact’s amazing work. you can check out their website HERE and get more information on how you can get involved.

Much love and honour.

Chris De Braine and The Mpact Team



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