Formed in 2017, The Denim Chef was created for a singular purpose to create confidence in the kitchen and to create amazing food within a professional capacity with an unwavering mandate to create culinary excellence. The Denim chef was formed by two talented chefs Donovan Thys and Chris De Braine, who encountered the ever pressing lack of home cooks and the decline of good old fashion home cooking, thus birthed a determination within them to create a balance within the home dynamic where family first becomes a regular occurrence than after thought.

An Overview of the Denim Chef

I was raised in small town in the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. A city known for its award winning wines, amazing culinary treats and the home of table mountain. I come from a big family who loves to eat big and fellowship around the dinning room table. As a child I was always fascinated by this and how the dining room would be the peace grounds for whatever family dispute there was, and how the amazing spread that was set out before us would just delight the senses. Family time for me as a child was always a treat a time of appreciation as well as time of greatfulness where the chefs (my gran) and her kitchen brigade (my aunts and mom) would cook up a storm to feed the masses. However, as I got older and as time changed family time became less and less, and the new normal was take out. Everybody took their food and sat in front of the television. Socially we all became distant and the home cooks hung up there aprons and the kitchen closed.

Here at the Denim Chef we aim to turn back the clock, basically reset the clock and bring back the age of the home cooks. If you are a bachelor or a bachhelorette with a busy schedule or a single mom or dad with mouths to feed or if you want to rekindle that family time to catch up with each other on the happenings of the day. We are opening up this forum to help you create the intimate or special moments for your family. This is a forum to empower you and give you the necessary tools to help you with just doing that, form how to set your kitchen to recipes and by providing you with step by step master class on cooking basics to dining room d├ęcor and even on selecting the perfect beverage for what ever situation that you are faced with from providing parting gifts for your guest that is cost effective.

This is the season for you and your families to come and dine together. Allow us The Denim Chef team to do just that and inspire you to become the best home cook that you can be, subscribe to our site and let us show you the benefits and how it can change your lifestyle in a positive way.

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